Master of Health Administration (MHA) Program

Learn from Leading Healthcare Experts in a 100% Online and Flexible Format.

MHA March 2024 Informational

Unlock Your Future: Discover the New MHA Program! Join Us for the March 2024 Informational Session.

March MHA Informational

MHA Presents Women in Health Administration

Join us for the “Women in Health Administration” Virtual Lunch and Learn series. The virtual series is in honor of Women’s History Month and the upcoming launch of the online Master of Health Administration (MHA) program.


Women in HA

Classes Start Fall 2024

Mission - The Howard University Master of Health Administration (MHA) is an advanced-level, 100% online program designed to equip culturally competent healthcare leaders to advance their careers and have a positive impact on the healthcare workforce. Graduates will be able to lead diverse people, teams, and organizations and use evidence-based practices to improve decision-making, as well as organizational culture and performance.  

Joyvina K. Evans, Ph.D., MSPH, MSA

Phone: 202-250-6749

Discover the Master of Health Administration Program

Get an inside look at the Master of Health Administration program in this informative video! Explore what the MHA program has to offer. 

Student Learning Outcomes

The Master of Health Administration (MHA) Student learning outcomes (SLO) align with the Health Leadership Competency Model 3.0:
• SLO 1: Boundary Spanning-Optimizing relationships between a leader’s span of control and the departments, organizations, communities, and/or broader networks within which it operates.
• SLO 2: Execution-Translating vision and strategy into actions supporting optimal organizational performance.
• SLO 3: Relations-Leading, through example and actions, to create an organizational climate that values employees from all backgrounds, provides a healthy and energizing environment in which to work, and encourages everyone’s ongoing development.
• SLO 4: Transformation-Creating and implementing compelling and inclusive change processes in support of improving health quality, efficiency, and access.
• SLO 5: Values-Creating and implementing compelling and inclusive change processes in support of improving health quality, efficiency, and access.
• SLO 6: Health System Awareness-Understanding the health system’s current business and operating frameworks as well as the dynamic context within which they operate (e.g., community, competitive, human resources, financial, legal, policy, and environmental.
• SLO 7: Self-Awareness & Self-Development-Ongoing habits and actions taken to continuously improve self-knowledge, interpersonal effectiveness, and well-being

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